Halo-Digi Technology is founded by a group of experts with an average of 20+ years of experiences in the following areas:


Our experiences include VoIP, multi-media streaming, embedded system, and algorithm design.

Supply Chain Management

We have strong connections among EMS and design vendors, especially around Taiwan's and China's IT industry.


Let users access ANY DATA / ANY TIME / with ANY SMART DEVICE.

In modern life, electronic gadgets spread all over people's daily life which creates a very scattered way for information retrieving. The solution is simple yet difficult to achieve: to provide a way to bring the screen from the smart device to any surfaces and bring human controls back to the original device. In short word, the goal is to let users easily access any data they want, by any smart devices around them.


We have planty of experience in Linux kernal, network programming, AI, and cloud computing fields. For related experiences, please click below diagram for more information.

Wireless Network

Cloud Computing

Embedded System